About AutoGyro-Africa

AutoGyro-Africa is an affilliate of AutoGyro GmbH, which is based in Hildesheim, Germany. AutoGyro-Africa is the sole importer/distributor of the open-cockpit MTOsport, fully closed-cockpit Calidus and side-by-side Cavalon for South Africa.

AutoGyro-Africa is the first South African company approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to A1 standard for design, flight test and production of gyro planes. AutoGyro-Africa, in partnership with AutoGyro GmbH, provides a SA version of the MTOsport, Calidus and Cavalon gyro planes, which are compliant with all requirements of the gyro plane airworthiness code, BCAR Section T.
Built for the 21st Century, the MTOsport, Calidus and Cavalon are a combination of four-stroke power, astonishing performance and factory-built dependability.







The MTOsport received the Type Approval Certificate from SA CAA in August 2009. This approval is based on the UK CAA Airworthiness Approval Note No. 29247 and Type Approval Data sheet No. BG 02 Issue 1 which is based on BCAR-T, issue 3, dated August 2005. The Calidus received the SA CAA Type Acceptance approval and Type Designated Number (Y025) on Friday, 23 July 2010. The Cavalon received the Certificate of Airworthiness for the first-of-type (G-CIEW) from the UK Civil Aviation Authority at AERO Friedrichshafen in April 2015.

We operate from Kitty Hawk Aero Estate in Pretoria and have opened an agency in Cape Town at Morning Star Flying Club.

About AutoGyro GmbH

AutoGyro GmbH is based in Hildesheim, Germany. AutoGyro GmbH has become the world market leader in development, production and selling of gyroplanes. The business commenced in 1999, and has grown to a current staff of 100 highly qualified specialists and engineers. AutoGyro GmbH has produced 1280 MTOsport, 400 Calidus and 220 Cavalon to date.

AutoGyro GmbH has distributors in nearly 30 countries and co-operates with RotorSport UK Ltd, in the United Kingdom, where the strictest regulatory aircraft standard is required (BCAR Secton T).

About the auto gyro production

The gyro is designed for a variety of conditions and events. It can be flown in bad weather and turbulences, and still combines the pure joy of flying with maximum security. Our production conforms to the highest standards, ensuring fine detail and excellent work.  Each gyroplane represents what AutoGyro stands for: safety, quality, value.

A total of over 90% of all built-in parts of the gyro are an in-house production at AutoGyro. The gyro’s cabin is made from fiber composites (fiber glass and carbon) in in-house developed forms and then painted in an in-house paint shop. Even the propeller blades and the propeller hubs are made in-house.

The framework – the heart of the gyro – is welded of electro-polished high grade stainless steel and can withstand the strongest pressure. Computer-controlled CNC-machines produce all the individual parts that are assembled into finished modules.

All pre-assembled modules are put together and interconnected in the final assembly. Each finished gyro is put through a thorough quality control and a test flight before shipping and hand-over to the proud owner.