Barkley-East, 23 – 25 July 2007

Our first MT-03 weekend since starting the business. On invitation from Marchel van der Merwe we flew to his farm, Glen Doone, near Barkley-East in the dead of winter! Some without the creature comforts of heated flight suits. But this is what our gyro’s do to us. And did they enjoy putting their toes in the snow.

Flight time: ?? hours
Distance: ?? km

The brave and popcicled flyers were Theuns & Ninie, Sarel & René, Zander & Monica, André & Michelle, Gert & Fronske, Willem & Susan, André & Ursela, Glen Poley, Nick Mentz and Roelf Palm.

Somehow flying the “big jets” is very different, and one feels much more removed from the elements compared to flight in an open cockpit such as a gyro.‘ (Glenn Poley).

Read Glenn Poley’s trip report [PDF – 42 KB].