The State-of-the-Art, Fully-enclosed, German technology gyroplane.

New designs, high technology, sound aerodynamics, stability, comfort and speed.

Agile – sexy – dynamic.

The AutoGyro Calidus, with its closed-cockpit,  guarantees great experiences with the highest comfort and maximum safety. Ideal for all kinds of weather conditions, the Calidus offers maximum comfort: spacious cabin, adjustable pilot seat, easily interchangeable canopy with or without sun roof, safety direct vision panel and air scoops.

Prepared for the most diverse demands and weather conditions, the Calidus copes easily with turbulence and the unique monocoque-construction ensures a significant reduction in wind noise and fuel consumption, while the patented integrated Silent Block System minimizes vibration. The in-flight adjustable prop IVO DL3-68” completes the portfolio and guarantees a simultaneous adjustment of all three blades from 18 to 28 degrees.

The first Calidus left the factory in Hildesheim, Germany in March 2009. Since then it has been certified in numerous countries around the world, including the BCAR Section T certification. We are proud to announce that the Calidus received the SA CAA Type Acceptance and the Type Designated Number (Y025) on Friday, 23 July 2010.

400 Calidus have been produced to date.


    • VNE: 185 km/h
    • Cruise: 160 km/h
    • Take off distance: 10 – 100 m
    • Landing distance: 0 – 15 m
    • Fuel capacity: 75 l
    • Range: up to 3.5 h
    • Fuel burn: 15 – 21 l/H
    • MTow: 450 (560) kg
    • Max seat weight: 110 kg/seat.


Standard equipment

    • Closed, two seat autogyro in tandem configuration
    • Monocoque cell with closed canopy (fitted with emergency vision vent and 2 side vents)
    • Mast and tail boom electropolished
    • Aluminum rotor system Naca 8H12 8,4m
    • Rotax 912ULS with 100 HP or Rotax 914 UL turbo with 115 HP and air box, fitted complete with a
      slipper clutch and high exhaust system
    • Propeller HTC 3B CW172,5
    • Instrument Panel
      • Airspeed and Altitude
      • Engine and Rotor rpm
      • Oil and cylinder head temperature
      • Oil pressure
      • Standard compass on top of instrument panel
      • Engine CHT
      • Engine hour meter
      • Electrical fuel gauge
      • 12V power plug
    • Pneumatic trim (altitude) and Rotor Brake
    • Pneumatic roll trim
    • Pneumatic pre rotator
    • Hydraulic main wheel brake with parking position
    • Battery charging plug
    • Fuel tanks, collective capacity 100 lts.
    • Rotor bag
    • Fully painted body and all composite panels
    • Pilot-seat with adjustable back, sitting position and angle with four point harness
    • Adjustable pedal position, recommended body height: 165 to 200 cm
      Choice of standard colours, or unlimited colours
    • Fully assembled and test flown.
Calidus Specs Calidus Specs
Analog cockpit Analog cockpit
Glass cockpit Glass cockpit
Open/Africa cockpit Open/Africa cockpit brings you closer to the flying experience
Direct Vision panel Direct Vision panel and vents

Technical data

    • Empty weight: 270 kg
    • Length x width x height: 4,8 m x 1,7 m x 2,7 m
    • Engine: Rotax 912 ULS (100 hp) or Rotax 914 UL (Turbo with 115 hp)
    • Prop: Electrical in-flight variable-pitch propeller IVO DL3-68 “3 sheet, 172 cm, switching position from 18 to 28 degrees
    • Rotor: 8.4 m
    • Rotor system vibration damper
    • Frame: Stainless Steel E-polished.


Additional Equipment


    • All aircraft panels made from GRP/CFK. Panels (body, tail unit, rudder, engine and mast panels, suspension bow, wheel housings and spinner) are painted in the customer's color
    • Standard colors are yellow, red, and white (cost included in the basic price)
    • Special colors (solid color or metallic), two-color lacquer finishes or special lacquer finishes are available subject to special order.


    • Transponder TRT 800 H fully fitted and tested
    • ELT automatic radio beacon Kannad 406 compact
    • Filser radio ATR 500 or ATR 833 fully fitted
    • Card compass in place of standard compass.

School equipment

    • Flight instructor set consisting of throttle, brake, switches, rear seat stick.


    • Landing lights LED (2 x 2.5 W)
    • LED strobes and navigation lights.

Special equipment

    • Headsets
    • Summer canopy (cut outs in the side)
    • Painted on sunroof to match the body
    • Sun shield
    • Cockpit heater (variable in flight)
    • Painted wheel spats front and rear
    • Spinner
    • Optional asphalt or lugged tires
    • Fire Warning System
    • Lockable fuel tank cap
    • Roll trim.

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