Andre & Michelle Andre & Michelle Bezuidenhout


André Bezuidenhoudt – first MT-03 owner in SA – I have enjoyed flying gyroplanes for the past 7 years and had been researching various models with a mind to acquire a new machine when I was presented with data sheets of the MT-03. I was invited to Kitty Hawk and at first glance I knew that my search was over. >> more

AndreV André Venter - 3 owner of an AutoGyro


André Venter – I have done extensive research on the various available gyroplanes before deciding on the MT-03. After having flown close to fifty hours with the gyro, I can report that the gyro has lived up to my expectances. The hours flown include a 35 hour trip to Namibia

GlenP Glenn Poley

Glenn Poley – Strapping myself into an Airbus A340 as a co-pilot for SAA, and flying 15 hours from Washington to Johannesburg was what I was used to, and though I have owned 4 gyro’s to date, I had never flown anywhere far before

WilliEwig Willi Ewig - FAI World Records for Class E (Rotorcraft)
FAI World Records for Class E (Rotorcraft):

Pilot: Willi Ewig (Australia)

Distance without landing: 1 268 km

Speed over a recognised course: 156.5 km/h

San San Badenhorst

San Badenhorst – Wel soos ‘n vet gesmeerde blits vlieg ons weg en sommer woep-wap en ons is in die lug. Ek was darem al meer as honderd uur in een of ander vliegtuig, die lug gewees, maar man die coptertjies vlieg sagter as ‘n Oryx. Nie eers ‘n stampie gevoel nie! >> more

  1. Andre Bezuidenhoudt
  2. Theuns Eloff
  3. Andre Venter
  4. Willem le Roux
  5. Gert Wibbeling
  6. Glenn Poley
  7. Tobie Schoeman
  8. Dennis Mavro
  9. William Bezuidenhoudt
  10. Sarel Pretorious (MT-Sport x2)
  11. Xander du Preez
  12. Roelf Palm
  13. Glen Dean
  14. Tjaart van Staden
  15. Mark Bartlett
  16. John Thompson
  17. Marchel van der Merwe
  18. Alber Willemse
  19. Pieter de Wet
  20. Mike French
  21. Sias de Kock
  22. Peet Klaasen
  23. Jakkie Viljoen
  24. JJ Smith
  25. Frans Smith
  26. Gys van Rooyen
  27. Walti van der Walt
  28. Villa van Niekerk Jnr
  29. Villa van Niekerk Snr
  30. Johan van Zyl
  31. Rudi Heinlein
  32. Wouter Louw
  33. Doug Gamble
  34. Jonathan Varty
  35. Blain Carstens
  1. Jeffery Brown
  2. Trevor Gibbs
  3. Dennis Venter
  4. Brian Blackstock
  5. Werner Schoeman
  6. Tom Vermeulen
  7. Wallis Wilkens
  8. Johan Esterhuizen
  9. James Turner
  10. Sias Delport
  11. Dicky Hagerman
  12. Marieta Nienaber
  13. Malcolm Mecer
  14. Jannie van der Heever
  15. Bennie Booyens
  16. Sarel du Toit
  17. Allan Smith
  18. Ninie Eloff
  19. Theuns Eloff (Calidus 09)
  20. Sarel Pretorius (Calidus 09)
  21. Cliffie du Preez
  22. Alan Rohtberg
  23. Piet Erasmus
  24. Lodewyk van Schalkwyk
  25. Floris Prinsloo
  26. Pieter Burger
  27. Frank van Heerden
  28. Rian Klopper
  29. Deon Maree
  30. Wessel Basson
  31. Phillip Viviers
  32. Andre Bezuidenhout (Calidus 09)
  33. Denis Mavros (Calidus 09)
  34. Hennie de Klerk (Calidus 09)
  35. Ashley Whitfield