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steel slag in other applications in construction industry, specifically for the finer fraction (sand- and silt-sizes ) of steel slag. In 2006, steel slag generation was estimated to be in 10-15 million metric ton (Mt) range in the U.S. and approximately 15 to 40% of the total steel slag output was not utilized.

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Slag-What is it Good for? - | Science for a ...

Jun 29, 2017 · Slag. Depending on where you're from, it may be an insult, a term meaning trash, or, in our case, the waste left over from metal smelting or refining. Outside of the construction industry, it might seem that uses for slag are considered limited. But some recent research here at USGS .

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A review of steel slag usage in construction industry for ...

Jan 20, 2016 · The available literature suggests that the use of iron and steel industry slags as... Use of by-products from the steelmaking process can play an important role in achieving sustainable development. A review of steel slag usage in construction industry for sustainable development | .

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Characteristics and Uses of Steel Slag in Building ...

Characteristics and Uses of Steel Slag in Building Construction. focuses predominantly on the utilization of ferrous slag (blast furnace and steel slag) in building construction. This extensive literature review discusses the worldwide utilization of ferrous slag and applications in all sectors of civil engineering, including structural engineering, road construction, and hydro-technical structures.

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slag use development for highway construction. The ultimate purpose of any slag utilization study is to open up avenues for the appropriate use of a particular slag with specific characteristics. There are three main points fundamental to conducting the effective study of a specific slag, which forms the basis for uses in highway construction.

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What is slag? - voestalpine

Dec 18, 2013 · Slag is a byproduct of steel production and is similar in character to volcanic rocks such as basalt and granite. Slag is primarily used in the cement and construction industries, and largely in road construction. Slags are one of the most natural products of all. They are comparable to fluid magma from the earth's core.

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Geotechnical and Environmental Impacts of Steel Slag Use ...

Steel slag is a byproduct of iron and steel production by the metallurgical industries. Annually, 21 million tons of steel slag (SS) is produced in the United States. Most of SS is landfilled, which represents a significant economic loss and a waste of valuable land space. Steel slag has great potential for the construction of highway

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An Overview of Utilization of Steel Slag - ScienceDirect

Therefore, the volume stability is a key criterion for using steel slags as a construction material. Immersion expansion ratio is used to evaluate the volume stability of steel slag in USA and Japan [29], while in Germany, steam test is taken to measure that of steel slag used for road construction and boiling test for hydraulic construction.

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Blast Furnace Slag Cement - theconstructor

Blast furnace slag cement is the mixture of ordinary Portland cement and fine granulated blast furnace slag obtained as a by product in the manufacture of steel with percent under 70% to that of cement. Ground granulated blast furnace slag cement (GGBFS) is a fine glassy granules which contain cementatious properties.

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Steel Slag - Material Description - User Guidelines for ...

The primary applications for steel slag in the United States are its use as a granular base or as an aggregate material in construction applications. Disposal While most of the furnace slag is recycled for use as an aggregate, excess steel slag from other operations (raker, ladle, clean out, or pit slag) is usually sent to landfills for disposal.

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(PDF) Steel Slag as A Road Construction Material

Approximately 21 million tons of steel industry slag are produced each year in the United States, and many productive commercial uses of slag have been developed (e.g., road bed, fill material).

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2.1 Utilization of metallurgical slags in construction industry Slag is by-product formed in smelting, and other metallurgical and combustion processes from impurities in the metals or ores being treated. During smelting or refining slag floats on the surface of the molten metal, protecting it from oxidation or ...

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Steel Slag as A Road Construction Material | Hainin ...

Steel slag is a byproduct obtained from steel industry. It is generated as a residue during the production of steel. Because of the high disposal cost as a waste material and the overall positive features of steel slag, it has been declared a useful construction material, not an industrial waste by most of the developed countries.

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The use and advantages of slag - voestalpine

Jan 10, 2014 · Due to its positive technical characteristics, LD slag is used all over the world in road and railway construction and for engineering. The most common use is as an aggregate in the manufacture of asphalt. It is also successfully used as an aggregate for concrete. Slag use is subject to strict regulations and standards.

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how is slag used in the construction industry

High Performance Slag Materials – A Steel Industry ... Figure 1. Slag aggregate was used to build the Roman Appian Way over 2000 years ago. Source: National Slag Association Every day you probably use a steel industry byproduct, slag, without realizing it. Slag is a common construction material in the building of roadways, bridges and buildings.

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Ohio Sand Aggregate and Stone Aggregate - Stein Inc

Locally owned and operated, Stein can work closely with customers to produce slag that best suits any industry's needs. Two Basic Types of Slag Stein supplies the two basic types of slag used today: Blast Furnace Slag and Steel Slag. Blast Furnace Slag is the co-product of iron making in a blast furnace, while Steel Slag is a co-product of ...

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How is copper slag used for construction? - Quora

Apr 19, 2018 · Copper slag can be used in concrete production as a partial replacement for sand. Copper slag is used as a building material, formed into blocks. Copper slag also has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it an effective option in concrete, or as a fill material under the roadway.

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Slagment - AfriSam

Architectural and Engineering Benefits. A key characteristic of slag is that it possesses self-cementing properties. It's been found that slag can double the lifespan of buildings. It is a latent hydraulic binder commonly used in concrete and also serves as a partial cement replacement material in construction. It is also a direct replacement for ordinary Portland cement by weight.

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Slag Cement - Products | Lehigh Hanson, Inc.

Slag cement, a byproduct of steel-making, enhances the traditional concrete benefits of strength and durability while offering reductions in waste, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Slag cement is used in concrete for virtually any construction application, either in conjunction with traditional portland cement, part of blended cement or ...

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The Difference in Slag Cement and Fly Ash

Slag cement (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag) and fly ash (Coal Combustion Product) are the most commonly used supplementary cementitious materials in construction today. While they are commonly used and similar in many ways, these materials produce different effects on concrete performance and this document will explore those differences.

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